Farm Holidays at Lanlas

A Farm Holiday is all about being surrounded by animals. This is a very rural part of West Wales and there are many livestock farms close by.

We have two Kune-kune pigs, called James and Nellie.

We also have a few pets, whom you are very likely to meet during your stay at Lanlas Farm Holiday Cottages. We have two dogs, Smutt, a Lab-Lurcher cross and Elwi, a Border Collie.

We have five cats. Two of the cats, Harry & Wish-Wash, keep themselves away from the holiday cottages. Lewis, however, is a different matter. He likes to spend as much of his time in the cottages as he can. He enjoys snuggling up in front of the fire with the guests. We frequently find cat food supplies left in the cottages when guests leave. We tend to see him when the cottages are unoccupied. If you are not keen on cats, he can take a hint (eventually) and will leave you alone once he gets the message. The two youngest cats, Alfie & Nessa, still collectively known as "the kittens", are also very friendly. Nessa particulalry enjoys sending time on the cottages and enjoys snuggling up with guests in bed. Alfie is a little less forward, but still seems to recognise the attraction of the holiday cottages.

We also have a selection of free-range poultry, including numerous and varied chickens and ducks. The birds all roam around the farmyard and garden. We re-homed some ex-battery chickens last summer. They are particularly friendly and love to come and knock on the cottage doors to see if there are any interesting titbits lying around. We only have one cockerel, called Clive, who is locked up in the barn overnight.

Lanlas Farm Holidays - Ducks resting in the Yard Lanlas Farm Holidays - Ducks enjoying the pond